The Best Hair Transplant in The World 

Performed by Dr Woods – Inventor of FUE & BHT

The only verifiable hair transplant surgery offering monitoring of donor extraction. 

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Patients are welcome to schedule an appointment with Dr Woods for a discreet personal one-on-one assessment. Dr Woods will assess your hair loss, medical history and explain how many procedure are required to achieve your goal(s). Interstate & international patients, may also send photographs to Dr Woods for feedback. Contact us today

FUE Hair Transplant

FUE hair transplant surgery performed personally by the inventor of FUE. No technicians or machines, discreet surgery done by hand to deliver maximum yield without causing any harm, to you or your hair follicles. Each procedure recorded and 100% verifiable. View results.

Scar Repair Using Donor Hair 

Hairline repair and scar damage elimination using. Undo the damage of botched hair transplants, FUE mega sessions, strip surgery and excision surgery, including damage to the back of the head. Learn more if you wish to Stop further hair loss, wearing a cap or a wig. View results.

Body Hair Transplant (BHT)

Body hair transplant using chest, beard and body hair to restore decimated areas on the hairline, scalp and donor area. Body hair transplant can reverse some, and often all of the damage from scalp flap, punch or strip surgery. View results.

Natural life long hair restoration. Not even your hairdresser will notice your hair transplant. 100% verifiable results.

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Repair Misplaced Hair Plugs

Remove individual hair follicles from hair plug implants, and rebuild your frontal hair line using microsurgical skin grafting. Reverse the unsightly damage of a pluggy “doll hair”. Dr Woods will repair your hair plugs and recreate a softer, and more naturally placed hair line. View results.

Microsurgical Skin Grafting

Micro-surgical skin grafting to repair damaged and misplaced hair lines. Dr Woods delivers precision cosmetic results by individually removing each hair follicle, and using 1mm skin grafts from behind the ear(s) to achieve a natural hair line. No scars, dents, or pock marks. View results.

Repair Female Baldness

Non-invasive FUE hair transplant surgery with zero scarring. Each hair follicle is individually extracted and implanted for beautiful and natural growth. Female balding affects 40% of women world-wide. Permanent hair regrowth is guaranteed. View results.