Body Hair Transplant (BHT) / FUE Scalp Flap Repair

Outdated hair transplant and relocation procedures were often extremely invasive and would result in multiple and/or large scars that were very visible. Some of these scars create large strips in the donor area of the hair coverage (the back of the head) that would not grow over, resulting in a dead-zone line in the hair. Other procedures left patches in the back of the head, or multiple prominent scars along the frontal hairline and temple areas, as seen in the video. If a patient has had multiple surgeries of such an invasive nature it can often leave the donor area bereft of any further healthy follicle to be transferred without leaving large bald patches. Dr. Woods is pioneering new procedures to cover such scars by transferring hair from the beard, neck, and chest. The hair looks natural and provides good coverage, restoring hair growth to dead zones and covering unsightly scars.

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