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Are you wondering “Why Am I losing My Hair? 

Questions and Answers

Why am I losing my hair?

The lining of a hair follicle, like any other organ in the body, has “receptors”. This can vary between 0 and a billion. How many and where these receptors are placed in the scalp has millions of variations. When a man reaches puberty Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is secreted and latches on to the receptors on the follicles.

If you are lucky (like Elvis) you did not inherit receptors on you follicles. If you are unlucky like say, Bruce Willis or John Malkovich, you inherited Follicles saturated with receptors, over wide areas of the scalp. So this is the “best case” scenario going to the “worst case” scenario. There are millions of variations in between.

It has nothing to do with virility. It is only to do with how you chose you parents, that is to say, you have no choice in the matter! Next time you ask yourself “My hair is falling out” now you understand why. On the back of the head however, and on the body, for yet unexplained reasons, receptors do not develop on these follicles-so they are immune to DHT. They can be placed anywhere on the body and grow throughout ones life.

How is your method different from others?

Dr Ray Woods, founder of The Woods Technique Clinic, invented, developed and perfected Follicular Unit Extraction and Body Hair Transplant (FUE and BHT, respectively.)

FUE and BHT are now being emulated all over the world, however none will ever match the skill, experience and understanding of the inventor and developer of these techniques, Dr Ray Woods. To read more about the development of these methods, please click here.

How many grafts do I receive in a single session?

Each follicle has one, two or three bulbs. In a standard session, 500-600 grafts are removed, totaling approx 1000-1500 hair per session. Most importantly, removing this number is done by minimizing destruction and transection rates.

This is verifiable by Dr Ray Woods. Other clinics may quote large numbers, however this is not verifiable and covered by a water-tight legal disclaimer. In 35 years, Dr Woods has never required this.

How long until I see results?

After 2-4 weeks hair begins to shed before entering a “resting phase”, with new growth beginning anywhere between 2-4 months afterwards (on average). However in some patients there are immediate results.

I have no donor hair. What are my options?

Body Hair, beard and or neck hair is a viable option for the right candidate. Dr Woods will assess your body hair donor sites during your consultation and advise on surgery if body hair is adequate.

Do I have to see Dr Woods in person before I book?

International or interstate patients can be assessed with adequate photographs and/or video. Please contact us for more information.

How soon can I return to work after surgery?

Post surgery “scabbing” is gone within 7-14 days, there may be some residual pinkness in very rare cases, for a few weeks afterwards. You may choose to return to work as soon as possible, if you can wear a hat or bandanna, work from home, or if you are the boss.  It is up to you and how you are feeling

Do you offer weekend dates?

Generally not, only in very exclusive situations.

Where are you based?

The Woods Technique Clinic is a discrete surgery based in Sydney’s leafy Inner West. Hidden behind high Ivy covered walls, this location offers complete privacy to all clients. The absence of signage further adds to the privacy of the location. Get directions to the Woods Technique Hair Transplant Clinic.

How long does it take to see results?

After 2-4 weeks hair begins to shed before entering a “resting phase”, with new growth beginning anywhere between 2-4 months afterwards (on average). However in some patients there is immediate results.

How do I get in contact?

Our friendly consultant is standing by to take your call between the hours of 7.30am-6:00pm.