Your rights as a patient


None of the below are subject to compromise.

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If you encounter a hair transplant doctor that does not adhere to these principles you can expect significant scarring which will require further procedures to hide (if possible). You may also be asked to sign a waiver and surrender legal rights for an improperly performed procedures. 

No scalpel or stitches

No strip excision to be performed or offered by the clinic.

No disclaimers

No disclaimers or waivers. We stand behind our results. 

100% verifiable

Patient interaction and intra-operative monitoring of follicular placement.

Cosmetic precision

Largest instrument to be used is a 21 gauge hypodermic needle. For scar repair, a 19 gauge.

Monitoring Donor Extraction

Monitoring of Donor Extraction (M.O.D.E) available upon request.

Do no harm

Donor site conservation and protection.

No Technicians 

Only a 1 to 1 doctor patient ratio.

No sedation

No intravenous or analgesia. Patient should be fully aware.