When it comes to hair transplants, trusting your instincts isn’t enough.

Trust your eyes. Be aware, and don’t be fooled.

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Learn the truth about destructive hair transplant procedures and find out why FUE is superior to FUT, hair plugs, flap surgery, scalp reduction and hair punch / plugs. None of the methods shown below are sanctioned or performed at the Woods Technique. The following videos are graphic confronting. Please only watch if you are over 18, and considering a hair transplant. 

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Hair Punch Method

The hair punch method was one of the first hair transplant methods used. It involved using a large 10mm punch to extract hair follicles from the back of the head. Then punching a similar hole in the balding area, and inserting a cylindrical graft containing up to fifty (50) hair follicles at a vertical angle. Unfortunately, patients were left with unnatural results, permanent scarring, and a destroyed donor area. The hair punch method was later “refined” by cutting the plug into quarters and inserting them. This greatly reduced the number of hairs being inserted into the incision from fifty (50) to aproximately ten (10) to fifteen (15). However, the results still remained unnatural in comparison to FUE.

Scalp Flap Surgery

Scalp flap surgery is a highly destructive hair transplant procedure. It involves cutting strips of skin from the side of the head containing hair. Once the scalp flap is cut, another incision is made on the frontal hair line cutting an equal area of bald frontal hairline, and the “flap” placed into it. Although this may yield instant hair, more often than not, the scarring, malalignment, and scalp shock make this surgery as dangerous as scalp reduction, if not worse. Thankfully, it is rarely ever practiced today. Trusting your instincts alone is not enough. Trust your own eyes, be aware, don’t be fooled, and take care.

Scalp Reduction Repair

Scalp reduction surgery is based on the idea that a man with a large balding scalp can simply “cut out’ the balding area. Then, the big cut out area is stitched back in order to pull up the hair bearing sides up toward the center. However, it is a destructive procedure and leaves patients with unnatural and thin patchy hair. Added injury comes in the form of a scar in the center of the head, running front to back. Eventually, the original balding area returns and a patient is left with a massive visible scar. This procedure is relative rare now because insurance companies refuse to cover any doctor performing the procedure.

FUT Strip Excision

Strip excision surgery, or FUT, involves cutting out a strip of flesh from the back of the head “donor” area. This strip would contain follicles. The strip of flesh would then be cut into “blocks”, approx. 10mm to 20 mm. Then, with a straight blade hair follicle units are dissected by technicians. his procedure is still performed today and causes horrendous damage because of transections through hair follicles. Although doctors often promise a “pencil line “scar, in reality, this was not the case. As this part of the head is prone to flexing and extreme tension, If you are fortunate and have a good FUT, or good hair implants, it is better than the new wave of production line FUE clinics, which can do more “donor global destruction” to the donor in a few hours, than any limited strip excision could possibly do.

Production Line FUE

Production line FUE is a sub-standard technique offered by many hair transplant clinics in the interest of minimising time and maximising cost. Rather than investing the necessary time to acquire proprioceptive skills and microsurgical expertise, unscrupulous clinics will rely on technicians, drills, robots, hair implants, and mechanised implanting devices. The end result is often the same as destructive production line techniques as in FUT, but under the false impression that it is safe FUE. Patients are then bound to silence under legal disclaimers, non-disclosure agreements and deeds of confidentiality effectively silencing poor results silenced. If you come across an FUE clinic offering thousands of hairs at a price that is too good to be true, it often is. The “discount” is for cheap unskilled labour, and zero accountability.