• Exclusive FUE, BHT and Repair - Hair Transplant Surgery

    Dr. Ray Woods is Internationally recognized and acclaimed as the Inventor of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Boby Hair to Scalp Transplantation (BHT) since 1989. The finest, most precise and most gentle hair transplant in the world.

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    The yield will be best achievable anywhere in the world due to our unrivaled standards and experience in having created and pioneered the entire FUE and Body Hair phenomenon over 16 years.
    Each Follicle I remove from the donor area at the back of the head or the body is accounted for, viable and intact. Every graft is individually chosen, and removed exclusively by me to suit the area it is going into. No assistants or technicians are used during the procedure.

  • Dr Woods, Surgical Clinic

    Dr Woods, Surgical Clinic

    M.O.D.E: Our patients have always been able to watch all follicles being placed real time via monitor. Now we offer a new world first innovation where patients can watch all follicles actually being removed in real time via several monitors. This is still unique in the world of FUE. Every follicle is placed by Dr Woods under microscopic control with real-time video supervision for you to observe and interact. Again, the highest and unequaled standard in the world.



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The Woods Technique Video Gallery

All videos shown in our video gallery are genuine.
They are taken directly from filming before, during
and after the procedure. These videos can be shown
to you upon consultation confirming their


Scalp Flap Repair



This patient came to see Dr Ray Woods with severe scarring from previous multiple Scalp Flap procedures. His biggest concern was the scar that ran along his temporal and frontal hairline. The previous Scalp Flap surgeries had depleted his donor, so Dr Woods used Chest Hair for the bulk of the donor. The patient is very happy with his result and has booked in for a further procedure on his crown.


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