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    The Finest, most precise and gentle Hair Transplant in the world. Dr Ray Woods, inventor of FUE and BHT, since 1989, is the most experienced Doctor in this field. No scalpel, no stitches, no legal disclaimer or technicians are used. All Microsurgical Single Follicular Unit Extraction performed by Dr Ray Woods personally. Monitoring of each and every follicle placement is still a world wide exclusive.

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Hair Transplant Sydney, The Woods Technique


When it comes to hair loss treatment, many different procedures can be used, but none of them provide the level of quality that you get from The Woods technique. Dr. Ray Woods revolutionised the Hair Transplant industry world wide with his microsurgical, minimally invasive Follicular “single” Unit Extraction technique or “FUE” and is internationally recognised as the inventor , as confirmed by countless publications and TV international media since the mid 1990’s.

Dr Woods developed and perfected the technique of Hair transplant in Sydney, beginning with research in 1989. The idea was to remove individual follicular units from the donor area, which is permanent, microsurgically to match the size of the follicle, usually 0.5 to 1mm diameter, and spread out the removal, allowing short hair cuts, and avoiding the usual obvious strip surgery, or FUT “smiley face” scarring on the back of the head.

The procedure was considered by the international medical industry to be unviable and impossible to provide adequate coverage. But Dr Woods proved to the sceptics that it is possible, but requires many years of training , practice, patience, correct instrumentation, and a passion for the microsurgical skills and artistry required.

The results were a fact and , after the national TV broadcast of the Woods Technique procedure and results on channel 9 Good Medicine in 1997 and 2000, it was not just hair transplant Sydney, or hair transplant Melbourne affected, but the entire hair loss treatment industry world wide.

Hair Transplant Melbourne using The Woods Technique




The usual donor area, i.e , the back of the head , contains follicles which are permanent. But due to horrific hair transplant surgeries conducted since the 1960s, many patients came to Dr Woods for repair of unsightly plugs and scarring. But once the donor has been depleted, it is permanent loss. In a desperate attempt to help these poor disfigured cases, Dr Woods decided to transplant body hair to the scalp. Chest, abdominal, back, arm, leg and neck beard hair were all used, with amazing success. Body Hair Transplantation, or as Dr Woods called it, BHT, commenced in 1998 and was again to revolutionise the Hair Loss Treatment industry internationally, not just hair transplants in Sydney , or Melbourne, Brisbane etc .

The concept and results were considered so extraordinary that Dr Woods was shown internationally on the well known, RIPLEYS BELIEVE IT OR NOT programme in 2003, Dr Woods’ Body Hair to Scalp transplantation was formally recognised and published in the highly respected “BRITISH JOURNAL OF PLASTIC SURGERY” 2004.

But it did not stop there. Dr Woods heavily criticised the international Hair Transplant/restoration industry for disfiguring and invasive surgeries such as scalp reduction, flap surgery and strip excision. These surgeries were often conducted by non medical “techs” and the doctor protected by Legal Disclaimers and Gag Clauses, allowing production lines of legal disfiguring surgery, and victims were not even allowed to publicly show the results , or mention the clinic responsible.

Dr Woods published in 2000, a list of patient rights. No Legal Disclaimer. No Gag Clause. No “Techs” . No Production lines. No Invasive Surgery and several other rules to protect the patient. Dr Woods is still the only hair transplant doctor to offer real time video monitoring of the actual procedure , by the patient.

This means that , under high power microscopes, patients can see what is happening and verify that the surgery is safe, the follicle number is correct , and the highest standards are adhered to. Via FUE and BHT, Dr Woods has well over a decade more experience than any other doctor in the world. He has transplanted more verifiable intact follicles than any other doctor, and the standards he has set are , to this day, unequalled, and unsurpassed by any doctor worldwide.  Period

Woods Technique Hair Loss Treatment using the FUE Technique

When it comes to hair loss treatment, many different procedures can be used, but none of them provide the level of quality that you get from Dr Woods' technique. Over the years we have documented many of our client's great results, showcasing them in "before and after" videos. We believe video to offer greater transparency of results, as opposed to photographs that are too often edited or taken from an artificially flattering angle. The Dr Woods clinic shows  "Before and After" footage, side by side for real time comparison. We believe we are the first clinic to offer this. To view more real patient results please visit our Video page or choose from a wide selection of videos to your left.                                                                                                                                                                                          


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